1. Why should I choose CW Chu College?

CW Chu College welcomes all students who want to become a member of an intimate community of scholars drawn from diverse backgrounds, engaged with the world in a spirit of curiosity and generosity. We especially look for students who will treasure the opportunity of helping to shape the culture and direction of the college in its initial years.

2. What are the selection criteria for incoming first-year students?

Apart from academic background and a suitably wide range of interests (whether in different subjects, in sports, music, art or social service), we shall look for engagement with the College vision and willingness to be a committed member of this community.

3. What is the procedure for application and admission?

Students have to prioritize their college preferences and complete the online College Preference Form offered by the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid of CUHK; if you want to join CW Chu College, please put us as your first choice .  Students will be notified about interview arrangements individually, normally by email or telephone.  Students outside Hong Kong may be interviewed via telephone or through online meeting.

4. Is there an admission interview?

Shortlisted applicants may be invited to attend the College admission interview. Students will be notified individually, normally by email or telephone.

5. What is the arrangement for residential accommodation?

The College provides residential accommodation — and requires residence in College — for all its undergraduate members for four years of their studies/ eight academic terms during their normative study periods (less than four years / eight academic terms if students are admitted with Advanced Standing or via Senior Year admission channel), except when they are on outbound exchange or suspension of studies for a specific reason.  Other exceptions relate to rare cases of student discipline or public health issues.

6. How often will students take part in communal dining?

Communal Dining is an integral and required part of students’ college life at CW Chu College. Students are required to take part in communal dining three times per week (Tuedays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) during term time. They will also benefit from the wisdom and experience of speakers from all walks of life during the College High Table Dinners, organized several times a year.

7. What are the selection criteria for scholarships?

There are three major types of scholarships offered by the College: admission scholarships, scholarships for special programmes or exchange, scholarships for academic or other merits.  Naturally, the selection criteria depend on the type of scholarship.  For need-based financial support, please refer to Question 8 below.

(a) Admission Scholarships
The College will offer about 25 admission scholarships (i.e., to about 1/3 of the entering class), which will be awarded based on nominations by the College Admissions, Scholarships and Financial Aid Committee, and/ or recommendations from the College admission panel. Entrance examination results and/ or good performance/ record in other areas such as sports, music, art, service and leadership will be taken into consideration. Applications for the scholarships are by nomination, but students would need to indicate a preference for CW Chu College. Admission scholarships are awarded on the achievement upon entrance to the university, mainly on the academic domain but other areas are also considered.

(b) Scholarships for special programmes or exchange
In the past, the College has offered scholarships to support participation in various overseas programmes, including summer internship, cultural study trips, language immersion programmes, service programmes etc., and scholarships to support outbound exchange and overseas summer programmes approved by the College.  Each scholarship has its particular criteria imposed by the programme, generally based on a combination of academic performance, overall qualities, and financial need.

(c) Scholarships for academic and other merit
The Julie Yu Scholarship is a special scholarship for all students of the College with particular emphasis on creativity.  There are also College scholarships tenable in Year 2 and beyond to award achievement in various dimensions.  Some of the scholarships may also consider financial need.


8. Is there any financial aid for students?

Students who are eligible for the Grant/ Loan scheme operated by the Government of the HKSAR may apply for financial aid from the College to help defray a part of the extra cost of required hostel residence and communal dining. Awards will be need-based, using the same data as the Government Grant/ Loan scheme.

A number of College scholarships may also consider financial need; please refer to Question 7 above.

9. Are there any exchange programmes offered by the College?

Students are encouraged to take advantage of various opportunities for academic exchange in order to develop cultural awareness and a global outlook.

All students of CW Chu College are eligible to compete for the hundreds of outbound exchange opportunities offered by the University through the Office of Academic Links. In addition, there will be 15-20 one-term exchange slots available exclusively for students of the College in each academic year.  The College is exploring more exchange opportunities with universities abroad and developing overseas summer programmes for our students, with the aim of enriching their cultural awareness and international exposure.

10. Are there any orientation activities for incoming freshmen?

A College Orientation Camp will be arranged for freshmen in late August. Separately, four sessions of Extended Orientation will be held on the first three Fridays of Term 1.

11. What is the hostel fee?

All students of CW Chu College will reside in the College premises in rooms of 2 persons. The hostel fee for one term in 2023–24 is $7,949 per student. Thus the total hostel fee per student for both terms combined will be $15,898. The College will bill this amount of hostel fee to relevant students’ CUSIS accounts at the beginning of each term. Students who are eligible for the Grant/ Loan scheme operated by the Government of the HKSAR may apply for financial aid from the College to help defray a part of the extra cost of required hostel residence.

12. What is the fee for communal dining?

The dining fee per student in 2023–24 is set at $1,980 for Term 1 and $2,080 for Term 2 respectively. The fees are usually collected at the beginning of each term, and are not refundable. Students who are eligible for the Grant/ Loan scheme operated by the Government of the HKSAR may apply for financial aid from the College to help defray a part of the extra cost of communal dining.

13. What is High Table Dinner?

High Table Dinners are more formal dining occasions that are intended to promote social interaction and intellectual exchange, in the tradition long established at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.  Students and teachers will attend in college gowns, to listen to an invited speaker.

14. How can I learn and grow with strong support from my peers and my teachers?

CW Chu College is a small and fully residential college where intimate bonds and interactions flourish through communal activities.

15. How does the environment help me excel?

CW Chu College emphasizes intellectual pursuit and curiosity, which are the cornerstones of academic development.

16. How can I contribute to society?

CW Chu College encourages service to and involvement in the community, using our efforts and also our wisdom.

17. How can I gain an enriched understanding of other cultures and traditions?

CW Chu College consists of members from a diversity of backgrounds, forming a community with an international mix and ethos, yet embedded within the Chinese culture.

18. How can I develop independence and sufficiency?

CW Chu College pioneers in Hong Kong the practice of a Student Honour Code, which lets students learn to grow with self-discipline.

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