College General Educational Programme

The General Education Programme at CW Chu College consists of a credit-bearing component and a non-formal component that carries no credit units (required Extended Orientation for Year 1 students and communal dining including High Table Dinners; and voluntary social service).

The credit-bearing component includes an induction course for Year 1 students, and a capstone course. The latter, after a major review, has been piloted since Term 1, 2022–23, in a revised form.

Induction Course

As a key component of the first-year learning experience, the induction course, GECW1010 University and Society, is taught in English (with flexibility in tutorials), so that students from different academic origins share the same educational experience.

Capstone Course

The capstone course is designed to allow students to synthesise their academic skills beyond the limits of the major programme, engage with a real-life issue of relevance to society, analyse the factors, constraints and options, and present their findings in a cogent, reasoned and persuasive manner. Students are expected to learn and participate actively especially through presentations, group work and the writing of a project report.

Piloting Service Learning in College General Education

With the introduction of Credit-Bearing Service Learning Programme by the University, where Service Learning is scheduled to become a requirement for students entering in 2024 and thereafter, CW Chu College has reviewed the original capstone course GECW4010 Senior Seminar, which was designed in the past for Year 3 students to complete during the ensuing summer, with formal registration in the following term. Starting from Term 1, 2022–23, GECW4010 is replaced by GECW4021 College Project and GECW4022 College Project (Service) as two available options, with another 0-credit course (GECW 4030 Service) targeting service opportunity of a smaller scale.  The new course structure also allows greater flexibility in timing, being open to students from Year 1 to Year 3.

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