Service Programme

In line with the College’s educational mission and the University’s emphasis on non-formal learning, including Service Learning, as an integral part of whole-person development, CW Chu College (CWC) organises three major types of service programmes: (1) student-oriented college service and activities; (2) social and community service in Hong Kong; and (3) Service Learning and civic engagement. In addition to engaging in the service activities, participating students also gain important planning, evaluation and reporting skills, leadership and communication skills, as well as research skills in the case of Service-Learning programmes, with guidance from College teachers every step of the way.

Service Learning and Service Programmes

CW Chu College develops its Service programmes in several domains:

  1. Student oriented college service and activities

    These include activities implemented through College functional (sub) committees: through initiating, planning, organizing and running effective committees — primarily Committees on Service, General Education, Catering and Canteen Management, and College Life — for the welfare and benefit of college members (communal dining, full residence, cultural events and workshops, tuck shop, etc).

  2. Social and community service in Hong Kong

    A systematic and progressive undertaking that begins with acquiring basic knowledge on social issues/ problems/ developments and social service, then moving on to field visits which aim at presenting the actual practice of some of these social organizations and agencies. Students are expected to identify their topics of interest early which can also be developed into a service-learning project under College General Education Programme. The College works with outside social agencies and NGOs for a more tailor-made module.

    A CWC Service Team has been established, and its projects in the summer involve working with local schools that enroll disadvantaged students, via a summer camp and related activities (more details available in section ‘Service Team’ below).

  3. Service Learning and civic engagement

    The College liaises with outside agencies (social, professional and/or corporate) and seeks to provide the opportunity for students to be exposed to a variety of possibilities to engage in service learning and as a result, to begin to reflect on the values, challenges and rewards of service and engagement work.

    With the introduction of credit-bearing Service Learning Programme by the University, where Service Learning is scheduled to become a requirement for students entering in 2024 and thereafter, the College has reviewed the capstone courses, providing greater flexibility in timing and diverse Service-Learning options. More details available on General Education course pages 022 CollGECW4ege Project (Service) and GECW04030 Service.

  4. Overseas opportunities

    The College also encourages students to participate in overseas service and related opportunities. We have had students who visited the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh to gain exposure to social entrepreneurship in a poor country, and medical students who joined a service trip to Watoto in Uganda, and more.

    In all efforts, in addition to just carrying out the activities, learning to plan, evaluate and report will be important. There will be guidance from College teachers all along.

    Students will also find many opportunities for service and learning available on and off campus, offered respectively by different units. Without attempting to provide an exhaustive list of possibilities, the long established ‘I•CARE’ Programme offers a wide variety of experiential learning activities. More information is available on:

Service Team

A CW Chu College Service Team has been established since the founding cohort of 2012–13. The Team launched a project entitled ‘Understanding Socially Disadvantaged School Youths through a Social Service Endeavour’ in the summer since 2013.  The project aims at promoting the all-round development of students at CWC through engaging students in a social service project. With the funding support from The D. H. Chen Foundation, the project targets students from two secondary schools, mainly those who are socio-economically disadvantaged and academically weaker, and engages them in an interactive project each summer. The project specifically addresses the importance of understanding the reality and dynamics of social deprivation and value orientations through experiencing a social service learning venture. While making available this opportunity for College students to develop their leadership skills and civic and social awareness, the project also provides an educational experience to build confidence and to mobilize the strength of the disadvantaged school teens.

With prior planning, it is possible to link approved service experience to the service-learning project under College General Education Programme mentioned above.

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