Small and Intimate

In our small College, Full Residence and Communal Dining are the essential ingredients for building and fostering an intimate, interactive, congenial and caring community of students and academic staff. CW Chu College admits not more than 75 students each year. You will get to know them all and build enduring bonds.

Because of its small size, the College allows the possibility of being innovative and offering an alternative college experience.

‘I am honoured to be offered the position as Master of CW Chu College and I have witnessed the rapid growth and many breakthroughs of the College since its establishment. The College has distinguished itself by its trust in fostering students’ personal commitment and their sense of responsibility and integrity. My colleagues and I will uphold the spirit and values the late Dr CW CHU exemplified and encourage students to devote their knowledge and service to society.’

Professor Suk-Ying WONG
College Master

College Office
G/F, CW Chu College
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR

Tel:(852) 3943 1801

Fax:(852) 3943 1802