GECW4022 College Project (Service)

GECW4022 College Project (service) (3 units) is a student-orientated capstone course for students in Year 2, 3 or 4, with formal registration in Term 1 of the year, but initial preparation in the preceding spring term and most of the project work done in the summer.

In line with the Vision Statement of the College to be ‘involved’, students are encouraged to participate in social and community services that reflect their interests and engage their passions, and to make use of their own skills and aptitudes in the service of others. Through such activities, students will learn and grow, and develop responsibility and leadership. Students in small groups (up to four students) will carry out voluntary social and civic service activities, with project proposal approved by the College in the preceding term, before the service project takes place in the summer. In Term 1, each group will deliver an oral presentation and a poster presentation, and submit a written report. A set of Service Learning Guidance Notes is available here.


  1. Students must take GECW4021 OR GECW4022 to fulfill College GE requirements for graduation. From the intake of 2024–25, students who choose GECW4022 will satisfy both College GE requirements and University-level service-learning requirement. Students should inform the College Office of their plans as early as possible.
  2. Students enrolled in programmes that require more than four years (e.g. BEd, MBChB, BChiMed) should normally follow the same schedule and register for the course not later than Year 4. Students who for reasons such as exchange or internship need flexibility of arrangement should apply early to the College for approval.
  3. Students should pre-register with the College in the preceding term, and carry out most of the required project in the summer.
  4. Students who have time-tabling difficulties due to outbound exchange or term-time internship may apply for flexible arrangement as follow. Every case is subject to individual approval.
    • Students who go on exchange in Term 1 may still join teams to do their projects in the preceding summer, on their own schedule and making normal contributions. The student(s) on exchange will (a) join the presentation online, (b) contribute to the report as usual, (c) formally register for the course and receive the grade in the following Term. If this arrangement is not feasible, physical presentations should be made individually in Term 2. Approval should be sought before Term 1 commences.
  5. In addition, non-local students may choose to take ELTU2008 Service-learning: The Spirit of Hong Kong (3 units) to fulfill the University-level SL requirement, in lieu of GEW4022. Priority for enrolment is given to non-local students and those who do not speak Cantonese. Students who inform the College formally in advance, complete the course, conduct a project presentation to a GECW4022 class (ungraded) and a poster presentation will be regarded as having completed GECW4022, thereby satisfying both CGE requirements and University-level service-learning requirement.
  6. Students are advised to pay attention to updates sent via email (@link email) and/or announced on the CUHK eLearning platform Blackboard.


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