It is the distinct philosophy and mission of the University to cultivate well-rounded students with solid training in discipline and whole-person development, in order to meet long-term needs and prepare for future challenges. Consequently, a comprehensive academic advisory system is established in the University. While academic units (Programmes/Departments) are primarily responsible for academic advising to ensure effective learning is in place, colleges focus on pastoral care and whole-person education through the provision of various forms of non-formal and experiential learning opportunities.

In line with this spirit and guiding principle of the University advisory system, the main goal of student advising in CW Chu College is No Student Left Behind: the College will try to ensure that every student will progress at the normal rate and graduate in time, unless there are intrinsic academic or medical reasons beyond the ability of the College to deal with. To this end, College will also seek to work closely with all relevant offices and academic units across the University to ensure a fruitful and integrated experience is realized with various advisers, as students develop intellectually, professionally and socially throughout their four years of undergraduate study with us. The success of an advisory effort rests upon a genuine partnership between the student and the advisor in which mutual engagement and responsiveness are integral. It is therefore along this line of thinking that the present College advisory system is established.

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