GECW4030 Service

GECW4030 Service carries no credit units. This course is optional, and suited for students who choose GECW4021 College Project to satisfy the College GE requirements.

In line with the Vision Statement of the College to be ‘involved’, students will be encouraged to participate in social and community services that reflect their interests and engage their passions. They can undertake some service project and have the experience recorded, and make use of that record together with SOWK2100 Service Learning Online Course (1 unit) to satisfy the University-wide Service Learning requirement (starting with the 2024–25 intake). Through such service opportunities, students will learn and grow, and develop responsibility and leadership.

Some of these activities may be organised by the College; others may be sourced by the students, but subject to approval of the College.

Students should pay attention to updates sent via email (@link email) and/or announced on the CUHK eLearning platform Blackboard.

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