CW Chu College will endeavour:

  1. to foster an intimate and cordial community where students, with the support and in company of academic staff, will learn, share and grow intellectually;
  2. to provide full residence, communal dining and an environment for congenial college life and learning for students, including mentorship programmes*, small-group teaching and seminars;
  3. to provide pastoral care and whole-person education including general education for its students;
  4. to broaden the outlook of students to acquire a broad and global perspective through college formal and informal education programmes, overseas exchange and internship; and
  5. to cultivate among students a commitment to personal responsibility and integrity, as well as the spirit of self-help and helping others, advocated and personally practised by the late Dr CW Chu, which will lay the foundation for making contributions to society, nurturing of talents for the community and the entire world and enriching students’ lives.

*CW Chu College is very grateful for the support of Chu Scholars (who benefited from the remarkable support of the late Dr CW Chu towards their university studies and are now successful in different trades and professions) to act as mentors for students of the College.

College Office
G/F, CW Chu College
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR

Tel:(852) 3943 1801

Fax:(852) 3943 1802