Honour Code

General Principles

CW Chu College trusts you and expects much from you. Instead of an administration-centred student discipline system, CW Chu College encourages character formation, personal responsibility, honesty, mutual respect and support. Together with your fellow students, you will pledge to abide by an Honour Code:

‘As a student member of the CW Chu community, I pledge on my honour to comport myself with honesty, integrity and courtesy in my academic and personal life. I understand that failure to observe these standards violates the Honour Code and undermines the community of trust and respect, of which we are all stewards.’

Together with your fellow students, you will take primary responsibility for managing the Honour Code and dealing with any behaviour that is not consistent with it — with maturity and in a spirit of self-governance.

Pledging the Honour Code

All students will pledge the Honour Code when joining CW Chu College. For the  second cohort of students, the pledging ceremony will take place during the Extended Orientation.

The Student Honour Code Committee

Student Honour Code Committee (SHCC) has been elected by the students to manage the Honour Code. It formally assumes office on the first day of each academic year.

Relationship with other disciplinary policy and procedures

Refer to the detailed Procedures approved by the Assembly of Fellows. These Procedures explain the division of responsibility between the Student Honour Code Committee (SHCC) consisting of students and the Student Discipline Committee (SDC) consisting of Fellows and other academic personnel affiliated with the College. The SDC will handle, for example, matters involving academic honesty, matters referred to it by the SHCC, or matters dealt with by the SHCC but which are subsequently referred to the SDC, either on appeal by the student who was the subject of the complaint, or by the Master for reconsideration.


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