Admission Scholarships

CW Chu College offers Admission Scholarships to both local and non-local students of the entering class based on their excellent academic and/or non-academic performances.


Target group Year 1 students
No. of quota per year 25 (at maximum, i.e., to about 1/3 of the entering class)
Amount per scholarship HK$10,000 (non-renewable)
Selection criteria





Admission scholarships are awarded based on the nominations by the College Admissions, Scholarships and Financial Aid Committee, and/ or recommendations from the College admission panel. Entrance examination results and/ or good performance/ record in other areas such as sports, music, art, service and leadership will be taken into consideration.


The List of Admission Scholarships

  • CW Chu Foundation Scholarships*
  • Chong Kin Wo Scholarships*
  • Chun Ki Kuen and Chen Man Ping Memorial Scholarships*
  • Dr. Chan Lung Wai Scholarship (for students from the Faculty of Medicine)
  • Dr. Clement Chan Scholarships* (for students from the Faculty of Medicine)
  • Ernestine Farrell Scholarship (for students majoring in English)
  • Fung Ying Seen Koon Scholarship
  • Germaine She Wong Scholarship
  • KY Chang Scholarship (for student from the Faculty of Engineering)
  • Lai Ping Memorial Scholarship
  • Lee Wai Wing Scholarships*
  • Liao Yuan Tung Memorial Scholarship
  • Liu Shai-Tat and Yu Chi-Hing Memorial Scholarships*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sau-Ping Chan Scholarship
  • MUW Chu’s Alumni Scholarships*
  • Ng Tat-Lun Memorial Scholarships*
  • Samson Leung Scholarships*
  • The KY Young & CK Ma Memorial Scholarship
  • The Yen Scholarship (for students from the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Science)
  • To Tai Scholarship
  • VU Alumni Scholarship
  • Winbridge Scholarship (for students from the Faculty of Engineering)
  • Yeung Man Chor Memorial Scholarship


* There will be multiple Scholarships in this category.


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