For Mainland Students

For Applicants from Mainland China

The Chinese University of Hong Kong is the international university of choice in Asia. CW Chu College provides an environment in which cultural diversity is respected and you will have the opportunity to mix with students from Hong Kong and with international students. College notices and the vast majority of activities will be in English, with Putonghua on individual occasions.

Apart from experience in Hong Kong and Asia, our teachers bring a wealth of international academic experience from their alma maters, including Caltech, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, McMaster, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA and Yale, and from their native countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Russia, UK and the US. In particular, our teachers include graduates of universities in Beijing, Fujian, Shanghai and Zhejiang.

We welcome you from different provinces and municipalities to become a member of our community and add to the diversity of our student body.

Please consult the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) for specific information about procedure. Please also contact the College Admission Advisor at

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