Sharing of Exchange Experience

Some students from CW Chu College had a wonderful time going on exchange, and wish to share their eye-opening experience with us. They met and made friends with people from other cultures who have different world views, had a taste of life not known to them before, and learnt to be independent away from home—rewards not easy to come by in formal classroom learning.

Come and read their stories, feel their passions and joy through photos taken at exquisite spots, and plan your own rewarding study trips!

Student: CHAN Sze Wing (Year 4, Statistics)
Host Institution: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Exchange Period: Term 2, 2019–20

My participation in the exchange programme at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) was a fruitful and meaningful experience for me, in which I was able to meet people from all around the world, such as Czechia, Denmark, the USA, Spain, etc. Unlike Hong Kong people, the Danes seem shier and introvert on first impressions, but they are more talkative and willing to share their stories after someone starts a conversation with them. After meeting people from different countries with their own cultures, I understand that it is very important to keep an open mind to different cultures, and learn to embrace and respect them. During my experience in Denmark, I could truly feel that Denmark is a country that welcomes people from all ethnic groups to share their cultures and allows them to keep their uniqueness in the community instead of forcing them to follow the Danish culture. The country respects those people not just with words but with actions.

Sze Wing in front of the main building on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark

Sze Wing (first row, first from right) with her buddy group at the ‘new harbour’ during the Copenhagen city hunt in the introduction week

Student: CHENG Yat Kit Joshua (Year 4, Japanese Studies)
Host Institution: Hokkaido University, Japan
Exchange Period: 2019–20

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Joshua (first from right) and his hostel mates at a Christmas Eve gathering

Joshua at Cape Soya, the northernmost part of Hokkaido and Japan, in Wakkanai

Student: HUI Ka Lam (Year 4, Chinese Language and Literature)
Host Institution: University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Exchange Period: Term 2, 2019–20

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Ka Lam at King's College, the oldest building on the campus of the University of Aberdeen

Ka Lam (right) and an exchange student from Finland

Student: LEE Marcus Sherray (Year 4, History)
Host Institution: Erasmus University College, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Exchange Period: Term 1, 2019–20

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Marcus at the entrance of the Erasmus University College on the last day of instruction

Student: MAO Yanqi (Year 4, Risk Management Science)
Host Institution: University of Toronto, Canada
Exchange Period: Term 1, 2019–20

The University of Toronto held several weekly meditation sessions, called ‘mindful moments’. I had always been interested in meditation but had never experienced it before, as the meditation sessions at CUHK were conducted in Cantonese and required prior registration. At the University of Toronto, students did not need to register for the sessions beforehand, and they could drop in any of the weekly sessions whenever they were free. In these sessions which usually lasted an hour, we were guided to meditate through multiple methods. By focusing on our breath and embracing everything that came to our minds, these sessions brought me calmness and inner peace, making me less anxious or depressed, and therefore enhanced my ability to focus.

Yanqi (second from right) cooked dinner for exchange students from Japan and South Korea.

Yanqi travelled to Banff National Park after the semester ended.

Student: NG Wing Hei (Year 4, Biomedical Sciences)
Host Institution: University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Exchange Period: Term 1, 2019–20

I studied Psychology at the University of Leeds and it was the first time I had learnt about this subject. I took courses related to psychological disorders and memory, which were completely new to me. I really enjoyed the learning atmosphere in Leeds as the students were very self-disciplined and actively expressed their views in class. Besides Psychology, I took another module about traditional alcoholic beverages, in which I learnt about the history, manufacturing processes and factors to consider in the production of alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine. I also had a precious opportunity to design and brew my own beer in class.

Beer hand-brewed by Wing Hei in the course about alcoholic beverages

Wing Hei's Christmas dinner with her flatmates

Student: SO Yu Chun (Year 3, Quantitative Finance)
Host Institution: Monash University, Australia
Exchange Period: Term 1, 2019–20

When my hallmates saw me making dumplings on my own, they were surprised as they had thought that Chinese dumplings were all machine-made, so they suggested that we could have a dumpling party after the exam and I could teach them to make dumplings. We bought different ingredients to make not just one type of dumplings, including pork with bok choy and lettuce with carrot, since one of hallmates was vegan. Apart from the ways to wrap dumplings, I also introduced to them Chinese seasonings, such as white pepper and oyster sauce. We tried different ways to wrap the dumplings and to cook them, for example, steaming, pan-frying and boiling. In return, my hallmates made dishes of their home countries, like the US macaroni and cheese, for me to try.

Yu Chun and his hallmates at Monash Winter Farrer Ball, an annual ball for students from Farrer Hall

Yu Chun and his friends at Colour Run, a big annual cultural event in Melbourne

Student: WANG Yijia (Year 4, Professional Accountancy)
Host Institution: Emory University, United States
Exchange Period: Term 2, 2019–20


The Dooley’s Week at Emory University was quite amazing. As a tradition of Emory, the Dooley’s Week is an annual celebration of Emory school spirit, taking place for a whole week with festive events befitting each year’s theme. ‘Dooley’ is the name of the university’s unofficial skeletal mascot, which appears everywhere during that special week. Normally, it chooses several classes to drop in, and asks professors some tricky questions, which is the most awaited part of that week. If a professor cannot answer its question correctly, he must dismiss the class at once. In this special semester under the pandemic, all classes went online, and so did the Dooley’s Week. Instead of dropping in physical classrooms, Dooley entered a randomly picked online lecture, and it was quite funny to see a lovely skeleton on my computer screen.

Yijia (left) and her friends at the World of Coca-Cola

Yijia in Downtown Atlanta

Student: YANG Siyuan (Year 4, Translation)
Host Institution: University of Pennsylvania, United States
Exchange Period: Term 1, 2019–20

In my leisure time at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), I joined the Penn Latin Ballroom Dance Club. Learning dance had long been my dream, but I had not had a chance to realise that until I saw this dance club at Penn. Therefore, I joined it and learned Latin and ballroom dance from scratch and attended the ballroom competitions under the encouragement of my teammates. That was the first time I got to involve in dance sports, and I was fascinated with that at once. Joining the competition was like having a wonderful escape from the stressful academic life. We dressed up, made up and danced with people you knew or did not know. But we had one thing in common: we were all lovers of music and dance. I also learned a new language, i.e. the body language of dance. The magic about this language was that even though you did not say a word, your partner knew what you were going to do next second according to the signal sent from your body language. In the music, we could forget about everything, and only move, turn, and spin.

Siyuan (first from left) and her friends at the Toga Party in the Penn Museum during the New Student Orientation of the University of Pennsylvania

Siyuan and her dance partner at the 2019 Princeton Ballroom Competition

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