The Professor Julie Hung Hsua Yu Scholarship for Intellectual Excel-leration


A generous donation has been made by a former student of Prof Julie Yu to establish The Professor Julie Hung Hsua Yu Scholarship for Intellectual Excel-leration (the Scholarship).  Out of this endowment, a number of scholarships, up to a total amount of $50,000 each year, will be awarded to individual(s) or team(s) to support meaningful service projects with a component outside Hong Kong; and/ or pre-approved reaching out activities.

However, the College, with the agreement of the donor, may choose not to award any scholarship in a particular year in the event that there are no suitable candidates.

Spirit of the Scholarship

Dr CW Chu supported hundreds of students from Hong Kong to go abroad for study, in a novel scheme that had tremendous impact on the lives of these Chu Scholars.  Now successful in many walks of life, they have helped to establish the College, giving back to society in the spirit of Dr Chu and at the same time honouring his contributions in a creative way.

Prof Julie Yu has always emphasised creativity in her teaching, with significant impact on her students.  The donor of this scholarship has chosen to honour Prof Yu in the same fashion by helping and supporting the next generation of students, thereby contributing to society.

This scholarship intends to celebrate and promote the spirit of excellence, generosity and creativity shared by Dr CW Chu, the Chu Scholars, Prof Julie Yu and the donor — and which is also captured in the College Motto, Cultus et Beneficentia.


  • All students of CW Chu College (CWC) are eligible, irrespective of year of study.
  • Submission by individual(s) and team(s) are welcome. There is no limit on the number of team members but all of them MUST be full-time CUHK undergraduate students and affiliated with CWC.
  • The applications submitted MUST fall into one of the following categories. An element of creativity contained in the project/ activity will receive higher priority.
  1. Service Projects: A meaningful service project with a component outside Hong Kong (but excluding the home community of the students concerned).
  2. Reaching Out: A pre-approved outgoing exchange programme, academic visit, internship or field trip outside of Hong Kong. There should  be (a) either significant enhancements over standard exchanges, or (b) novelty in the destination.

Amount of Award

  • For Service Projects outside of Hong Kong, a maximum of HKD10,000 per student, subject to a cap of HKD20,000 per team of students on the same project.
  • For Reaching Out, also a maximum of HKD10,000 per student.


  • Applicants are advised to be familiarized with the purpose of the Scholarship award through reading the biography of Dr CW Chu on the College website, and the laudatory statement about Prof Julie Yu, written by the donor.
  • Each applicant/ team should submit an application form with (i) descriptions of the service project/ reaching out activities endorsed by the College/ a Faculty, Department or unit of CUHK/ a recognised organization (either inside or outside CUHK), and (ii) a budget plan.

Application and Interview

Please refer to the mass email (Ref: #173/ 2023–24) issued by the College Office for details of the application for the cycle of 2023–24.

Shortlisted applicants/ teams will be invited to attend an interview conducted by the Panel in mid-May. Details of the interview will be sent to the applicants/ teams via individual emails in late April.

Disbursement of the Scholarship

The amount of scholarship(s) granted by the selection panel will be disbursed to the recipient(s) upon completion of the activities and submission of a self-reflection report (per individual/ team) by a submission date set by the College Office.


Ms Alice Tang, Executive Officer

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