Motto, Vision and Mission

CW Chu College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong is established with the vision to be

An intimate community of scholars drawn from diverse backgrounds, engaged with the world in a spirit of curiosity and generosity.

This Vision Statement embraces four elements which distinguish the College and to which we shall devote our efforts:


Intimate International
The College will be small, and should develop into a closely knit collegiate community. Members of the College will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds: Hong Kong, the rest of China and beyond. Students will experience cultural diversity first hand and develop cultural sensitivity, as well as a global outlook.
Intellectual Involved
The community of scholars will approach learning and life in an intellectual way, in a spirit of curiosity and enquiry. Knowledge will be treasured not only for its own sake, but as the basis for moral action. Members will be engaged  and involved with the wider community in a spirit of generosity towards others, through service and other contributions.

College Office
G/F, CW Chu College
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR

Tel:(852) 3943 1801

Fax:(852) 3943 1802