College Orientation Camp

The College Orientation Camp is the very first activity that new students of CW Chu College will take part in upon their admission to the closely-knitted community of CWC. Every year, a group of enthusiastic students of the College will form an Organising Committee to plan and arrange captivating activities for the CWC Orientation Camp. This provides an opportunity for freshmen to get to know the College environment, its people, and help them to build up team spirit and bonding with college-mates of different year of study, major and cultural backgrounds.




28–31 August 2023
Attendance All freshmen of CW Chu College are required to attend the 4-day College Orientation Camp, including the opening ceremony (28 August); and those on-campus activities plus the closing ceremony (29–31 August) if they are physically in Hong Kong. Exemption may be sought from the College Dean of Students, given a strong and valid reason.


Student helpers A group of students have formed the Organizing Committee (OC) and there are also group leaders (組爸媽).


Composition of 
student groups
To facilitate communication and offer prompt assistance to new students, freshmen from different places of origin will be arranged into several groups, with 3–4 group leaders in each group, and at least one of the group leaders will be proficient in English/ Putonghua/ Cantonese.


Enquiry Ms. Alice Tang, Executive Officer

Tel: 3943 1965   Email:

Mr. Percy Wu, President, Organizing Committee of the CW Chu College Orientation Camp 2023

Tel: 6755 0958  Email:

Programme Rundown

  • Opening ceremony with the introduction of CW Chu College and ice-breaking games
  • Mass games, detective games, small group time and society game
  • Outreach excursion
  • CU hunt
  • Closing ceremony

Remarks: The College Office and the Organising Committee of College Orientation Camp will contact all CWC freshmen by email and phone (for those who are in Hong Kong), and notify them in late August about the detailed arrangements for the above programmes.

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