College Photo Exhibition — Our Story: Steeped in Time, Told Through Images

27 Feb 2024 (Tue)


In the history of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, CW Chu College occupies a striking and lively chapter. Established in the wake of the educational reform of 2012, our young College has quickly matured into a close-knit community steeped in the ethos of ‘student-orientated teaching’ — a crucible for whole-person education. Within these walls, we embrace the legacy of Dr CW Chu, whose life of leadership, service, intellectual clarity and ethical conduct is enshrined in our motto, Cultus et Beneficentia, and is the bedrock upon which we build our vision.

Titled Our Story: Steeped in Time, Told Through Images, this exhibition is a journey through time, showcasing the collective memories and shared experiences that define CW Chu College: the communal dinners, the pioneering Student Honour Code, and the myriad of cultural exchanges that cultivate our scholars’ global perspectives. The photographs and artefacts shown convey the unwavering spirit of a community that cherishes growth, values mentorship, and strives for the embodiment of our foundational values.

Our Story: Steeped in Time, Told Through Images is more than an exhibition; it is a testament to the vision of Dr CW Chu and the enduring dedication of Dr David Chu, whose contributions have sculpted the college’s present and will continue to guide its future. We invite you to join us to explore, reflect, and be part of CW Chu College’s history through the visual narrative, where every photograph tells a story, every story connects members of the community, and the community together carries forward the vision that we all share.

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Letters from Dr CW Chu to Chu Scholars


Time Capsule
To commemorate the College’s grand opening, the Founding Master and members of the College Student Union contributed four mementoes, sealed in a time capsule: a USB containing videos of the founding cohort, a signed Student Honour Code Certificate, and CW Chu College T-shirts with signatures from the first two cohorts of students.

CW Chu College e-Newsletter Issue 8 (6 August 2014): The College Grand Opening


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