Summer 2019

Sharing by the Participants of Utrecht Summer Programme 2019

By CHENG Pok Him (Year 2, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science) 

One of the most fantastic experiences of the course I took, ‘European Politics and Economy’, was the EU simulation game, in which we needed to have a random draw for a country and represent that country to hold a conference with the others to discuss the migration crisis, in order to draft a new resolution. The game required us to do a lot of research about the migration crisis, as well as the current government situation and stance of the country we were going to represent. Also, we needed to communicate a lot with the representatives of other countries, not by speech but by writing on a small piece of paper and circulating it around, like what secondary school students love doing in class. I represented Austria in the game, through which I knew more about the politics and society of this country.

Pok Him and his friends waiting for a train in Amsterdam
Central Station

Pok Him at the entrance of Kasteel De Haar

By SUN Tsz Shing (Year 3, Biomedical Sciences)

I learnt how to cook in this trip. I could scramble an egg and cook some noodles at home, but not with the efficiency and consistency I achieved during my stay in the Netherlands. Restaurants everywhere in Hong Kong sell cheap and delicious food, so cooking in Hong Kong is more of a hobby for fun. However, cooking in the Netherlands was mostly out of necessity if I was not to eat up my budget in the first week or so. It was a rewarding experience, and I felt closely linked to the Netherlands as I lived like the locals—cycling to and from home, doing groceries at their local supermarkets and learning to read a bit of Dutch as I gradually grew accustomed to seeing certain words.

Tsz Shing cooked dinner with his friends at their first night
in Utrecht.

Tsz Shing and his friends in the middle of a canal

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