Committee on Admissions, Scholarships & Financial Aid


Terms of Reference
  1. Terms of Reference
    To make plans for the recruitment of students to the College, including organization of outreach to schools and potential students
  2. To plan the recruitment of students, including considerations of distribution and mix
    (a) from different geographic origins (local and non-local),
    (b) across different disciplines, having regard to a broad balance among faculties, and
    (c) between genders, having regard to the constraints of accommodation
  3. To recommend for the consideration of the Assembly of Fellows the allocation of available funds across categories (e.g., scholarships versus bursaries, the size of scholarships and bursaries where such is not specified by the donors, the restriction of scholarships or bursaries for specific purposes such as exchange or student recruitment)
  4. To administer scholarships, bursaries and prizes, including selection with interviews where necessary
  5. To administer any College Campus Work Scheme that may be established
  6. To nominate students of the College for University scholarships and prizes
  7. To handle any other tasks assigned by the Assembly of Fellows
  8. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows

Professor AU Kwok Keung Thomas (Chairperson)

Professor CHAN Man Lok Andrew

Professor HALL Stephen

Professor HANSEN EDWARDS Jette

Dr LAI Chi Wai Kevin

Professor NG Wai Lung Billy

Professor TAI Pui Kuen Amos

Professor TSUI Tsz Ki Martin

Professor YOUNG Kenneth

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