Prof DRUZIN Bryan

Prof DRUZIN Bryan

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Prof DRUZIN Bryan

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Bryan Druzin (唐宇) joined the Faculty of Law in 2012. He has a keen interest in inter-disciplinary research and applied legal theory. Prof. Druzin’s chief research interests lie at the intersection of legal theory and contract law with a strong emphasis upon law and economics. He has published extensively in this area in a variety of leading journals. Prof. Druzin received his B.A. (history) as well as LL.B. from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. After working at a Canadian NGO advocating for criminal law reform, he went on to complete a LL.M. in 2008 at the University of British Columbia, focusing upon the area of spontaneous ordering in relation to contract. Prof. Druzin completed his PhD at King’s College London. His doctoral work focused upon the idea of spontaneous law: normative structures not created by the authority of nation states but rather generated from the bottom-up. In this respect, his research exhibits a decidedly inter-disciplinary approach, drawing upon many aspects of evolutionary game theory, law and economics, and the literature on law and norms.

Prof. Druzin is currently researching various applications of theories developed in his doctoral work. These are quite varied and range from such topics as rapid normative changes in Chinese Internet censorship to the private ordering potential of public international law. Selected areas of non-legal interest include: linguistic theory, sociology, economics, and meta-ethics. Prof. Druzin previously held a lectureship at the School of Law at Brunel University where he taught classes in International trade law, Company law, and Constitutional law. Prof. Druzin is fluent in Mandarin having lived in Taipei, Taiwan for approximately ten years where he worked for many years in the private sector.

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