Course Description for GECW1000, GECW2000, GECW3000 & GECW4000

Course Description

The non-formal part of College General Education consists of four courses: GECW1000, GECW2000, GECW3000, GECW4000. These courses carry no credit units, but are required, respectively in both terms of Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 except for students on outbound exchange/ full-time internship/ on suspension of studies for a valid reason for one term/ whole academic year.  This component of College General Education comprises different non-formal and non-credit-bearing learning activities: (a) required activities including communal dining and High Table dinners; (b) required extended orientation for new students in GECW1000; and (c) voluntary activities such as social service.


Course Pre-assignment 

These courses are pre-assigned to students based on their year of studies:

i) For students with a normative study period of 4 years (applicable to the majority of students):

Year of Study Course Pre-assigned
1 GECW1000
2 GECW2000
3 GECW3000

ii) For students with a normative study period of 3 years (applicable to students admitted with Advanced Standing):

Year of Study Course Pre-assigned
2 GECW1000
3 GECW3000
4 GECW4000

iii) For students admitted through Senior Year Stream with a normative study period of 2 years:

Year of Study Course Pre-assigned
3 GECW1000
4 GECW4000

iv) For students with a normative study period of 5 or 6 years, they are NOT required to take any non-credit bearing College GE course in Year 5/ Year 6, unless with a special reason approved by the College.

Attendance Requirement

CWC students assigned to the above non-credit bearing College GE courses are required to fulfill a minimum attendance rate of communal dinners and take part in certain number of College initiated/ accepted activities per term in order to receive a PP grade. For details, please refer to the page of “Attendance Requirement”.

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