Course Description for GECW4021

GECW4021 is a student-orientated course for College students in Year 2, 3 or 4 (but with initial preparation in the preceding spring term and most of the research work done in the summer), in which students in small groups will select a topic ideally of interdisciplinary nature; conduct field, survey or literature research; make a presentation and submit a written report.


  1. Students must have taken GECW4021 OR GECW4022 before they can graduate. Students are advised to inform the College Office of their plans as early as possible.
  2. Students enrolled in programmes that require more than four years (e.g. BEd, MBChB, BChiMed) should normally follow the same schedule and register for the course not later than the 4th year of study. Students who for reasons such as exchange or internship need flexibility of arrangement should apply to the College for approval.
  3. Students should pre-register with the College in the preceding term, and conduct most of the research project required in the summer.
  4. For students who have time-tabling difficulties due to outbound exchange or term-time internship arrangements, may take one of the options below:
  • (i) Option 1. Students who go on exchange in Term 1 may still join teams to do their projects in the preceding summer, on their own schedule.  These students must make normal contributions.  The rest of the team will register and make presentations in Term 1 as usual, but the student(s) who are on exchange in Term 1 will register and make presentations in Term 2.
  • (ii) Option 2. If Option 1 is for any reason not feasible, then students may take IASP4280 as an alternative. If IASP4280 is not offered, IASP4090 will be the alternative.
  • (iii) Option 3. If Option 2 is also for any reason not feasible, then students may apply to take a University GE course of the same number of units; approval is granted only if the course is broadly similar.

The above options are (a) available only to students who are on approved exchange or approved internship in Term 1, and (b) every case must be subject to individual approval at the normal time when project teams are formed.

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