Mr. LO Kwok Bun

Mr. LO Kwok Bun 盧國斌

Mr. Kwok Bun (K.B.) LO has 40 years of experience in technology management, banking/financial services and medical sector. He first started his investment/technology career with Merrill Lynch at Wall Street in 1979 and since then held senior positions with several multi-national banks and a HK-listed Company with HKEx. These positions include CEO at Medicskin Holdings Co., Technology Business Development Executive with IBM (China), EXCO Managing Director/Regional Head of eBusiness Technology and Data Services at HSBC Private Bank, Board Director & Head of IT with HSBC Investment Bank (Asia) Ltd., Vic-President and Division Technology Head at CitiBank/Private Bank in Asia-Pacific.

During his first 9 years of tenture in America, LO built a solid foundation for his career development first with Merrill Lynch as an investment Research Analyst (1979-81) capitalizing on his dual technial skills in Investment Analysis and Computer/Data Processing. He then got married to settle down in Toronto/Canada and began to work for Toronto-Dominion Bank (1982-1986) as Project Leader/Manager of International Banking Systems and later joined Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) as the Systems Manager of Global Treasury Systems in charge of Global Trading Rooms and Treasury Systems for CIBC (1986-1987) in Toronto/London/New York.

In September 1987, KB LO returned to Asia for family reason to join Citibank to develop/implement the operating system platform for CitiBank/Private Banking Group (1987-1985) in Asia. He has played a singularly critical role in establishing the technology base for all the onshore Private Banking businesses (i.e. HKG, SNG, TWN, THAI, INDO & etc.) across Asia region. Towards the end of 1994, LO was approached by a head-hunter with big incentives to join HSBC Investment/Private Bank in Hong Kong as the Board Director in charge of IT/Data Processing services for the Group. During his 14 years with HSBC Group (1995-2008) in Asia, LO has successfully transformed the Wardley’s technology programs into a state-of-the-art operating platform which is considered to be one of the best and the most cost-effective delivery solution as benchmarked (Cost/Functionalities) against other major competitors in Investment/Private Banking. Owing to the 2008 Financial Crises, LO took the retirement from HSBC Group in September, 2008.

LO later joined IBM China as Technology Executive in 2010 until Dec., 2012. In May, 2013, LO then joined Medicskin Holding Co. Ltd. as the CEO (2013-18) to help list the medical group on HK Exchange (HKEx) successfully on December 18, 2014 until 2018, has since then been serving as Senior Advisor (2018-Present) to the Chairman.
Kwok Bun LO holds a degree from MIT Sloan School of Management (Class’78) and also continuously upgrades his industry knowledge/experiences through enrolling into the Harvard Business School Executive Program (December 5-8, 1995), Tsinghua University Management Development Program (March, 1997), as well as the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive Programs (2002-2007).

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