Mr. FU Man Sang Kenny

Mr. Kenny Fu 傅民生

Mr. Kenny Fu graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai (BA in Journalism) and is an UK trained social worker as well as a Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong. Mr. Kenny Fu has extensive social service and policy-making experiences in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Kenny was invited to work for the Shanghai Government in 2003-2006 mainly responsible for formulating social policy and services for the elderly population of 3 millions.

Kenny was awarded a Second Prize by the Civil Affairs Ministry of Central Government in the competition of 2009 Achievement Award of Innovative Technology. Furthermore, Kenny’s previous works of standardized services for the elderly in Shanghai have been approved as statutory standards in local level by Standardization Administration of the People Republic of China (中華人民共和國國家標準化管理局).

Kenny spares no effort in advocating better service and policy for people with disabilities, promoting employment first rationale for the disabled youth in particular. Kenny has very extensive working experiences in frontline social work and social welfare service management. He worked for people with mental illness and learning difficulties, elderly people as well as youth in very varied working settings such as hospital, residential home, day care centre, and government departments. Kenny writes extensively in topics for a wishful better tomorrow in great Chinese community.

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