Mr. CHENG Kit Man

Mr. CHENG Kit Man 鄭結文

Mr. Cheng Kit Man [BSc (Hon), The University of Hong Kong, 1976; MSc, Imperial College, 1977; PGDMS (Credit), The City University of Hong Kong 1988] served in the field of radiation protection in Hong Kong for over 33 years. He joined the Radiation Health Unit of the Department of Health (RHU) in 1982 as a Physicist, right at the time when RHU came into operation. From 1988 onwards until retirement in 2015, he was appointed the Senior Physicist in-charge and served as the Head of RHU. As the RHU is the executive and enforcement arm of the Radiation Board which is the authority that regulates the safe use of ionizing radiation in Hong Kong, he had the privilege of witnessing and playing the leading roles in most, if not all, radiation protection policy issues that occurred or affected Hong Kong in the same period. In particular, he played the leading role in the local response actions in three radiological incidents of international concern, which affected Hong Kong, i.e. the Chernobyl Accident (1986), the Polonium-210 Poisoning Incident (2006) and the Fukushima Daiichi Accident (2011). In recognition of his contributions, he was awarded the Chief Executive’s Commendation in 2012, the Chief Secretary’s Commendation in 2013 and the Medal of Honour in 2015.

Mr. Cheng continued to serve the Hong Kong SAR Government post-retirement. He served as an Assistant Exercise Director of the Security Bureau in 2017 to assist on reviewing and testing, with both command post and field operations, the Government’s preparedness for emergency response to the unlikely event of an accident of off-site consequence at the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong. Encouraging responses to the large scale exercise held in December 2017 were received from the media and the public. In September 2018, he was invited to rejoin the Department of Health by serving as the Senior Physicist of the Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities to assist on implementing, with special roles in developing standards and protocols for enforcing, the newly enacted Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 633).

Mr. Cheng has served, or is serving on the following public service Boards and Committees:

Expert Committee on Food Safety
Pharmacy and Poisons Wholesale Licences Committee
Pharmacy Internship Training Committee
Radiation Board
Radiological Protection Advisory Group
Working Party on Calibration Services, ITC
Medical Devices Certification Scheme Technical Committee, HKQAA
Guangdong Nuclear Safety Consultative Committee

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