GUO Yizhe Ryan

Hello, CWC Residents! My name is Ryan, and I’m thrilled and honored to be your Resident Tutor for the coming academic year. As an MPhil student in Psychology at CUHK, specializing in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, I’m driven by understanding how psychological principles can guide career development and enhance workplace environments and satisfaction.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I’m passionate about art and design, including calligraphy and graphic design. This love for aesthetics mirrors my belief that a harmonious balance between practicality and beauty is a key to success. My personality is a blend of curiosity, empathy, and an inclination to help others.

My aspiration to become a Resident Tutor at CW Chu College stems from a desire to contribute to a community that values intellectual clarity, ethical conduct, leadership, and service. For the coming academic year, I plan to organize intercultural exchange events or self-discovery sessions to support residents in their personal and professional growth. Having called Hong Kong and CUHK home for many years, I hope to make you feel the same way someday.

I’m a firm believer in open and constant communication. Whether through email, WhatsApp, or a call, I’ll always be available. Feel free to drop by, say hello, and share your ideas. Together, we’ll make our life here not only fulfilling but also memorable and exciting. Here’s to an incredible college time ahead at CWC!

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