Committee on Catering & Canteen Management

Terms of Reference

  1. To recommend the selection of a caterer for the College canteen and the terms of the contract, and to provide general guidance on the operation of the caterer under the contract
  2. To supervise the provision of meals for communal dining
  3. To advise on and supervise a sinking fund for the maintenance of kitchen and catering equipment
  4. To handle any other tasks assigned by the Assembly of Fellows
  5. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows

Professor CHAIR Sek Ying (Chairperson)

Professor CHAN Man Lok Andrew

Professor CHAN Wai-Yee

Professor HALL Stephen

Professor HSU Ning Vernon

Professor NG Wai Lung Billy

Professor WONG Suk-Ying

Mr CHANG Cheuk Hei (Student Member)

Mr CHENG Hon Ming (Student Member)

Mr CHOI Wai Chun (Student Member)

Mr WONG Chi Yik (Student Member)

Ms WONG Ting Ka (Student Member)

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