Learning from Mentors

College Mentorship Scheme


The Mentorship Scheme extends and realizes the vision of the College. Mentors are experienced and successful professionals in many walks of life, including many Chu scholars who have benefited from the generosity and mentorship of the late Dr CW Chu. In the spirit of sharing and caring, and giving back to society and for the younger generation, mentors will connect with students, exercise their own vision and creativity, and thereby make a profound difference in the lives of young people. Specifically, the Mentorship Scheme aims to:

  1. broaden students’ views and horizon of university learning and beyond;
  2. enrich and support the college lives of diverse students;
  3. encourage self and social exploration through exchange and interaction with experienced professionals in different occupations;
  4. help students make informed and thoughtful choices for study and careers; and
  5. fortify ties and rapport among the College, Chu Scholars, future alumni and students.
  • Mentors are volunteers: professionals and executives from industry and commerce, government, schools and NGOs.
  • Mentors share their knowledge and experience, provide developmental support and offer advice and guidance on students’ educational and professional growth.
  • Mentors may find the experience constructive as an opportunity to put into place their vision and creativity while helping young talents to develop their potentials.
  • CW Chu College students are encouraged to join as mentees; priority will be given to Year 1 applicants.         
  • The College will propose the matching, based on interests and preferences, for approval by the mentors.
  • For mentees joining the Scheme from the academic year 2014–15 onwards, the mentor-mentee relationship would be maintained for one year, i.e., until the next cycle of the Mentorship Scheme.  Thereafter, application for renewal will be open on a yearly basis.  Subject to mutual agreement, the relationship may continue until the year of graduation.
  • In 2018–19, the College has a total of 75 mentors and 39 students participating as mentees.
Programme and Monitoring
  • The Mentorship Scheme operates on a calendar year basis, starting with an official kickoff usually in Term 2.
  • The mentor-mentee relationship will be maintained for one year, and can be extended subject to approval on a yearly basis; thus for a student who joins in Year 1, the relationship could last over three years.
  • The mentee should approach the mentor for the first meeting.
  • At least two meetings should be conducted in each calendar year.
  • Mentors and mentees are encouraged to discuss and agree on the goals of the relationship, communication preferences, and prospective activities (educational or social). The mentor may consider meeting two or more mentees together as appropriate.
  • Each mentee is required to submit an action plan on the proposed format and schedule of meetings agreed with the mentor, one month after the commencement of the Mentorship Scheme.
  • Each mentee must complete a progress review form at the end of each calendar year. They will also submit a report at the end of the scheme, i.e., normally in the year of graduation.
  • For each mentee, participation in this Scheme will be recorded in the Student Development Portfolio (SDP); completion of the Scheme will be reflected in the Report of Experiential Learning Activities, under the condition that he/ she will have accumulated at least 8 hours of participation, which includes formal and informal meetings with the mentor.
College Support
  • The College will organize a gathering each year to introduce mentors to their mentees. For the academic year 2018–19, a ceremony was held on Saturday, 16 March 2019.
  • A coordinator is appointed to assist implementation.
  • The Mentorship and Internship Committee of the College will review the effectiveness of the Scheme each year. The same Committee will also evaluate and decide on requests for switching or termination.

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