Committee on Alumni Affairs and College Advancement

Terms of Reference

  1. To plan and organize outreach to external stakeholders, including past and potential benefactors, Chu Scholars and alumni
  2. To advise on alumni affairs and function as a link between the Alumni Association and the College
  3. To advise the Assembly of Fellows on the formulation of strategies and plans on the development of alumni affairs
  4. To plan and implement fund raising for the College
  5. To handle any other tasks assigned by the Assembly of Fellows
  6. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows


Professor WONG Suk-Ying (Chairperson)

Professor CHEUNG Chi Kwan Vincent (Dean of Students, ex-officio member)

Mr CHO Tommy

Professor JIANG Yuanan

Professor SUN Jin

Professor TEOH Jeremy Yuen-Chun

Professor YOUNG Kenneth

College Office
G/F, CW Chu College
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR

電話:(852) 3943 1801

傳真:(852) 3943 1802