PENG Shenyi Sybil

PENG Shenyi Sybil 彭燊懿

Title: Resident Tutor

Department/ Programme: School of Biomedical Sciences

Residence: Room 539, CW Chu College Hostel

Hi residents in CWC, I am Sybil Shenyi PENG, your new resident tutor on 5/F for the academic year of 2023-2024. I grew up in Guangdong, later I moved to Australia for five years of secondary and undergraduate educations, and now I am in Hong Kong doing my third year of PhD study at the School of Biomedical Sciences. My research focuses on stem cells, brain ageing and neurological diseases.

Travelling around the world and having independent national and global living experience for years, I am open-minded and enjoy talking with people from different cultural and educational backgrounds. Here in CWC we have quite a number of international and exchange students. I really appreciate the cultural and religious diversities, and I understand the challenges moving into a new environment. So please come to me if you have any difficulties in study, work and life, especially if you are having language barrier and experiencing cultural shocks. I was in your shoes and I am capable of providing physical and mental support to my best extent.

Feel free to contact me through Whatsapp, email, or just simply drop by and say hi. It will be lovely to know and make friends with you.


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